DME to invest in inclusive management for all

Youth unemployment is a growing concern throughout the European Union and deserves to be high on the political, social and economic agenda. Our society needs to invest in inclusive employment for all, also and especially the most vulnerable: early school leavers and youngsters with low education levels or physical/mental impairments. A common geographical or transnational approach is required to address this economic and social challenge. Traditionally, diversity management propagates an inclusive human resources management, covering the employer-employee relationship.
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JKVG vzw is the youth organization of KVG, the Catholic Association of Disabled Persons. It has several divisions: Hannibal (holidays for children and youngsters with a disability), De Werkbank and the Knowledge (and Training) Centre Disability and Employment. De Werkbank works together with Empower. Empower audits enterprises, provides in coaching, develops good practices and offers services which aim at the improvement of the diversity management of companies.

De Werkbank supports young people with a disability, looking for a job or training. De Werkbank wants to empower young people with a considerable distance to the labor market, in order to offer them (equal) career opportunities. By training and personal support we try to optimize their chances on the labor market.

We give individual support to jobseekers, mostly with a disability, to stimulate their integration in the labour market.

Helping persons with a disability to find a job implies e.g.;

De Werkbank has built up expertise in developing and organizing trainings in the area of disability and employment on an individual and school level. It has provided for persons with a disability as well as for professionals (teachers in special education, trainers and consultants in the area of disability and/ or employment.

De Werkbank also tries to influence (government) policies, in order to improve the career opportunities of persons with a disability. It is active in the Diversity Commission of the Social Economic Council of Flanders, in the Flemish Users Forum Disability, Chronical Disease and Labour, in the Boards of specialized employment services and so on.

The Knowledge (and Training) Centre Disability and Employment support other professionals working in the area of diversity in Flanders. It provides trainings and information dossiers on disability, in relation to employment. It also offers support to the diversity professionals if they want to promote disability related diversity actions.

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  NTC & Adam Smith College of Management

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NTC & Adam Smith College of Management

The National Training Centre (NTC) is a privately-onwed training and training innovations company in Sofia, Bulgaria. NTC has been founded in 1999.

In 2004, NTC obtained a license from the Ministry of Education for its principal training arm – the Adam Smith College of Management ( The College is a vocational, post-secondary, non-tertiary business school, delivering adult qualifications in Entrepreneurship and Management at EQF Level 5 (ISCED 4C). Recent additions to the training programmes portfolio include Business Management qualifications at EQF Levels 5-6-7 (vocational route), accredited in the UK.

Adam Smith College of Management is highly praised for its innovative (both structure and delivery) programmes. Our training environment departs significantly from the traditional setting, with many improvements coming from world's leading universities and from in-house research.

Featuring a team of around 20 professionals – administrators and methodologists, academics and trainers from the business world, Adam Smith College of Management has established an image of a leading boutique business school with personalised approach to training delivery and training administration.

NTC started its first EU project in 2003 and has steadily increased the team's competence in the fields of EU strategic frameworks, policies and programmes in the field of vocational education and training:

competence-based occupational analyses, training and assessment, curricula building, TNA and customised training programmes, quality in education and training, business modelling and business simulations, training games, credit and transfer systems, prior learning recognition, ICT in training and education, support for entrepreneurs and start-ups, green enterprises and green economy, social inclusion and inclusion in education and training for people with disabilities.

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  Knowledge Centre PRO WORK

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Foundation Knowledge Centre PRO WORK promotes the career development of people with a (significant) distance to the labor market, like skilled workers, youngsters, people with some sort of disability and others who need coaching, training and counseling in a wide variety of sectors and topics, national and international. PRO WORK operates in sectors like ICT, sustainability, environment, economy, health care and technology associated with sheltered employment, entrepreneurship, talent development of youngsters, unemployment and generation gaps.

PRO WORK as a 'center of excellence' is a public body and has an independent entity. PRO WORK was founded in the Netherlands as a result of a number of national and international projects. The experience of PRO WORK has enabled [1] the development of a broad range of methods, instruments and techniques, [2] the cooperation on international level (f.e. EU project), [3] the organization of international mobilities in the educational sector and [4] 'general' consultancy and advice.

The foundation often collaborates with a consortium of organizations, regional training centers, commercial institutes, government (local, regional, national, European), different target groups, sector representatives and knowledge centers. Furthermore PRO WORK offers a broad professional approach, which realizes structural innovation in a demand driven way.

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  Euroface Consulting

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Euroface Consulting is a consulting and training centre fostering links between the education and production sectors, regionally and with some international outreach. Key strengths are people management skills and use of ICT that supports inclusion and equality, most notably Open Source applications and free internet based resources. Euroface has been responsible for development of websites and e-learning applications in several European projects, e.g. DYSLANG (LLP) and ENTREE (LLP). Euroface is dedicated to lowering the barriers to enter to education and the labour market through reducing costs for training and qualifications and acting as an agent for transfer innovation.

Euroface is focused on counselling and career guidance since 2010 where already almost 200 socially disadvantaged people were supported to enhance their chance to get a sustainable job position.

Euroface has extensive experience in EU projects, including leadership of two transversal LLP projects (GEBOL - Getting European Business On-line and DysVet - Dyslexia Knowledge Transfer in VET system).

Our activities

  1. Development and dissemination of information and communication technologies
  2. Consulting and educational services
  3. Support cooperation between educational and business sector
  4. Support lifelong education
  5. Support equal opportunities

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  Syntra West

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Syntra West Syntra West, based in West-Flanders, Belgium is since 1960 the training provider of choice for the self-employed, the SME manager and the employee. Over 2,000 trainers and 250 staff members offer custom-made training solutions in 6 campuses. We provide short-term and long-term trainings in the field of management, ICT, media and communication, as well as in the creative and/or very technical professions.

Syntra West offers additional expertise to their customers and partners through the departments ‘HR services’ and the ‘Projects office’, focusing on training and competency management, developing innovative tools and instruments.

Syntra has developed instruments for students to focus more on transversal labour market skills (competency profiles, competency assessment, portfolio methodology, job application trainings). In this particular project, more valuable internships will be created for both students and their mentors, as well as for employers. Hereby, tools and guidelines will be developed for students, mentors and internship providers whereby expectations can be defined and succesfully monitored.

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  Ljudska univerza Velenje

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Ljudska univerza Velenje is public non-profit institution providing adult education. It takes an active part in regional community by improving the educational structure of the population by providing various educational programs and by motivating and informing the members of the community.

56 years of tradition, the provision of expert knowledge and quality and friendly attitude towards its participants without doubt contribute to the fact that each school year more than 3.000 participants take part in various educational programs. LUV offers formal and informal programmes adapted to adults, young adults and seniors. It provides counselling, especially for people with distance to labour market. LUV cooperates with institutions in the region by promoting the importance of education, by offering its participant’s various educational programmes and by involving them in different EU and national projects.

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