DME to invest in inclusive management for all

Youth unemployment is a growing concern throughout the European Union and deserves to be high on the political, social and economic agenda. Our society needs to invest in inclusive employment for all, also and especially the most vulnerable: early school leavers and youngsters with low education levels or physical/mental impairments. A common geographical or transnational approach is required to address this economic and social challenge. Traditionally, diversity management propagates an inclusive human resources management, covering the employer-employee relationship.


Final stage of the project and meeting in Velenje

All project partners met again in the Slovenian city Velenje, in March 2017. This occasion was an opportunity for discussion about the final form of few project outputs, evaluation of the current project status and planning the activities for the last months of project duration. Partners talked about the project impact, shared their experience in dissemination and planned the webinars which will be held for target groups in the countries involved in the project. The content for the next newsletter, due in April 2017, was planned in detail. Project partners themselves evaluated this meeting as successful although there is still a lot of work to be done especially in web tools development, piloting the tools and counselling provided for employers, students and teachers.

Link to the fourth newsletter:

Syntra West hosted the fifth project meeting in Brugge.

The main topic of this meeting, held in Brugge, in September 2016, was monitoring of the progress done in development of DME web tools. Web tools are focused on employers, agencies (coaches), employees and students and allow screening, planning the procedures in human resources management, evaluating the progress done, etc. Web tools are going to be piloted by partners in all project countries and then continuously published at the project website (
Web tools are going to be used in counselling for employers which have started in all involved countries already. The feedback is positive so far, partners have agreed on the form for sharing the outputs.

DME partners met for the 4th time. This time in Sofia.

The Bulgarian capital Sofia has become the host of the fourth meeting of the partners within the DME project. The theme was not only the traditional discussions and presentations of work that all partners have done so far, but mainly the ideas and proposals for the creation of web tools that are about to be developed. Students, agencies (coaches) and employers will benefit from such web tools. Current proposals include an area where stakeholders can meet each other and plan possible cooperation regarding work placement. The progress of the creation of these tools will be evaluated by the partners this Autumn in Bruges, Belgium, where the next meeting will be held.

Dissemination DME project in full swing – more than 20.000 people reached!!!

The dissemination part of the DME project is in full swing after almost 1,5 year. Pro Work –as responsible for this part of the project – has successfully created a Dissemination strategy in the form of a report, which was spread among all project partners. Regarding to this strategy and planning a project website was launched (, a virtual community was created to disseminate all project activities and products among the project partners, a project logo and corporate identity was created, two newsletters were launched, a social media platform in the form of Facebook and Twitter is made to share DME project facts and a database was created for the partners to keep track of their dissemination activities within the DME project. With respect to this database, it can be seen that the project partners already reached more than 20.000 people are reached using the newsletter, social media, the website, websites and social media of project partners, conferences and more…

Positive responses on the DME cooperation after almost 1,5 year collaboration!

For the DME project, three meetings took place so far (Antwerp, Amsterdam and Prague). For all meetings a survey was sent to all partners and in these survey reports they state, that they are all very pleased with the way the project team is cooperating, the lead partner is executing their role in the project and what the team has achieved so far. Only the work continuation regarding detailed Intellectual Outputs (IO’s) need more speed in some cases, but all partners have a ‘hands-on’ mentality and are working hard to achieve all goals related to the IO’s in the project – before the interim report will be handed over to the National Agency in March 2016.

Prague will host the 3rd DME project meeting

All partners will meet in Prague on the 7th of October 2015 to discuss all project work and activities so far and present achieved outputs. The main focus will be on the project website and reports done by all partners in the first months of the project, followed by the planning of future activities. The 3rd project meeting will be an opportunity to focus on the development of web tools which will be available on this website later.

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